Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I couldn't agree with you any more!! "You hit the nail in the coffin!" I could of sworn you were talking about me...My eyes were WIDE OPEN! You almost made me cry, seeing I was one of those guys that had experienced both of your "despises"... When you were talking about the women, I immediately agreed to my defense because of the numorus times of feeling used by woman for paying and sometimes no call I was like "yeah I despise those women too, screw them!"

But when you started talking about men you despise, you called my number out!! and boy did it STING...rightfully so! I couldn't do anything but think of that sweet innocent young lady that you were reminding me sorely about. Oh, I can tell you first hand...that looking in that mirror hurts and it hurts bad!

At this moment I am single and looking for a woman companion to be friends with and hopefully build a relationship with but lately I haven't had any luck thus far.. Maybe karma, maybe depression...idk (i don't go out as much...) I have repented for my actions and I am now looking at my situation as something learned and to strive on to being a better person to each and every lady/women/person out there, remembering my past encounters. Hope there's still hope...wish me luck.