Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Men don't have to pay anymore, because there are so many women who are willing to pay for dates. They want to try to prove to a man that they are equals in every aspect of life. Essentially, saying she is just as masculine as he is. Men haven't gotten away with anything, because the newfangled woman has basically forced it onto them over the years since the Feminist movement began.

Now when a guy dates a woman and he pays, he feels used and taken advantage of. Not to say there aren't woman out there who do use men, but there are women out there who don't.

Nowadays, it's good to have a conversation with a man about who is going to be paying. I can't see myself paying for a date with a man who is interested in me and is initiating dates. I would just pay for myself (his portion of the bill would be between him and the establishment) and I would leave.

Men have a lot of options (desperate women everywhere), so they really don't have to do anything. Oh well.