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I feel uncomfortable when I go on a first date with a man and he pays for dinner. It's because it makes me feel like I owe him something, even if it's just my polite company (it's rude to just run the fuck away after someone buys you a meal after all). I don't date friends but maybe if I did (and we had already established a pattern of reciprocity) it would be okay.
If I'm meeting someone for the first time over something like coffee, I hope to get there before he does so I can buy my own.

Once I went on a truly *terrible* date with a guy and paid for it all myself. I gave him the silent instead of the direct rejection afterwards and I know he thought it was because he "forgot his wallet." But it wasn't, it was because he was an insufferable prick who insisted on calling me by my last name once he learned it (ugh, online dating). If a girl likes you and wants in your pants then she shouldn't mind paying for a drink and a game of pool.

And, because I saw that comment on attribution: one time I got a booty call, and was totally down for that. But then he starts talking about his sad feelings and later pulls out his guitar and played/sang for me really poorly. My libido was down at this point but I had sex with him anyway (damnit I was there to FUCK). Unfortunately, the lesson that he took away from it was probably "sharing my feelings and music gets me laid." The sex was lame too.