Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I'm going to take your question seriously even though I feel a little irked that we're just jumping right to will this paying a date land me shagging time. *calms* But it is a valid question you are asking so I will respect your question. Honestly, whether or not the guy gets some will be dependent on your level of connection with the girl. If she feels yeah man I want him because you showed her a good time then yeah you may score. Whether or not this is dependent on paying is hard to say. A lot of girls are different, you have to remember that. Chase seems to have really generalized women here, no offence Chase, it was a fun read like I said but I don't agree.

Some girls are looking for one night stands, so you may not have to put up much effort to get laid. Some more shy girls will probably not get you laid on the first date. Or some religious girls won't sleep with you until you're married. The fact is everyone is different. Now, if you're looking for just sex, yeah why waste money. There are plenty of girls who will want you just for sex as well. Girls love sex too. But if you want a relationship, it's not true you MUST pay either because some girls LIKE going dutch but some will think they have been friend zoned for life. So yeah, really it's all what you're looking for. Hope this was helpful. :)