Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Really, this was an interesting read but it somewhat makes me feel saddened and insulted that men would feel that a woman doesn't deserve a nice planned out date because it'll decrease his chances of getting laid.

If a guy took me to a park to show me his favorite view top or if he took me to his favorite fancy restaurant I'd appreciate either one equally. I wouldn't think ohh this guy is a provider if he took me somewhere fancy, I would just think oh wow geez he took me here that's sweet of him. I wouldn't expect every date to be like that but I'd be touched. And if he asked me out and didn't offer to pay I'd feel a little bit like a buddy. I mean if I asked him out, sure I should be paying but if he asked me and then we went dutch I'd kind of go, oh it's not a date, he just wanted to show me this place as a friend. Especially if it was the first date. A girl can be really confused if this is really a date or not and sometimes when he offers it's like ohh, he's treating me like a lady so it's not just buddies hanging out! He actually likes me, wow and I'd think he worked so hard and find him quite endearing. Ah but that's just my take.