Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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The way I see it and after reading many of the posts here, it is clear that ultimately this is a struggle for power between the sexes to a great degree. 95 percent of the women on here think the man should pay and 95 percent of the men on here(if not more)disagree with that. I understand where the women are coming from to a great degree but have to agree with the men on here and would like to think that even if I was a woman I would agree because I would like to think that I would still believe in what is right and not have the need to hold onto old fashioned values just because I was brainwashed.

Yeah, on the one hand a man might look cheap but he also will look like a jackass if he pays for a woman and never sees her again. The women won't feel any guilt either. Women don't take the man's pride or ego into consideration. Do women just want to use men? That would be the easy answer but it's more complicated than that. Women have been brought up from an early age that it's man's responsibility to court them and wine and dine them and of course that includes spending money on them.

The solution, in my opinion, as a man, is to not even put yourself in that position in the first place and instead do things that don't cost money(picnic, play tennis, go rollerblading, disc golf, go for a walk or hike etc).

I actually think that at some point in the relationship it's ok for a man to pay for the women but this would be after it's established they are seeing eachother(at least five "dates" in). At that point the woman has invested in the man and he will know at that point if she is using him or not(hopefully not). She will probably want to pay the next time they go out. If not the high value man(which hopefully you are)will have no problem dumping the woman.

There will probably never be an easy solution to this. Women want to hold on to their power while men have finally figured things out and aren't going to accept this socially accepted form of inequality.

Women are so used to having higher social value than men(especially in the very beginning stages)that they don't question things that are in their favor. However, one way for men to level the playing field is to not give in to what women want too early on. There are other ways for men to show women that they are special and make them feel good as has already been pointed out.