Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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"If you invite you have got to pay. It is caled maners."

Which gender, pray-tell, is more likely to initiate the date? You guessed it: men. So the, "whoever asks, pays" rule is unfair to men. And leave subjective "manners" out of this. I could just as easily say that it's unmannerly to not pay for your half of the bill. Point is, manners are mostly subjective, and they change overtime. Once upon a time, it was mannerly for men to tip their hats in the presence of women. I doubt most women today would care if men did not tip their hats. Men stopped doing it, and women stopped expecting it. Hopefully, men will eventually do the same in regards to picking up the dinner check. When enough men jump on board, women will no longer be able to realistically expect it.

Now stop being a dependent, little girl. It's 2012, not 1952. Either get in the kitchen or be equal.