Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I have dated women where I paid for dinner. I didn't know as much as I did then, and taking her to dinner was a nice way to find out things about her.

In one case, she lived in a small town and it was either sit in her house with everyone else around, or go get something to eat, as there wasn't much of anything to go see or visit for probably 60 miles in any direction.

Well, two things. First, she wasn't working so she didn't have any money. There would be no way for her to pay for it anyway. Second, we went to a nice all-you-can-eat place and I think it wasn't a lot of money.

While she knew I was interested it was clear she felt it was a little soon. We had a nice first date and I went home. I got to take her out on a second date a week later. Again, I paid on this date. But this time, I was paying for the motel room I took her to.

So it depends on the circumstances; clearly if she has no money she can't help pay for anything.