Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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What if the date is extremely cheap and splitting the bill would create both an unnecessary hassle and possibly put the focus more on the money and who's paying than it should be. For example, what if you take a girl on a date for 2 for 1 shakes and the bill is 5 bucks, is it really worth splitting it? I mean its $2.50. Also, what if you take a girl out for ice cream and its 2 bucks per person, is it really worth splitting, I mean its 2 bucks, does it really matter? And as for inviting and paying, I would never think of inviting a girl out on a casual dinner date. For one its too expensive, and two, while I do mostly agree with your don't pay for dates policy I do believe that with a more expensive date like a dinner date it would be rude to invite and not pay for the person you invited. So to avoid this lose-lose situation, I think it is better to avoid dinner dates all together. Also, if you do end up deciding you want to date the girl you can later take the role of provider at times if you wish. If anything this will show the girl she earned you whereas if you start taking a girl on dinner dates and paying right away she will not see the difference between the start and the current. People appreciate what they have earned.