Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Well, I think men who refuse to pay are USERS, they are the type of men who just want to use a woman for sex and entertaiment, they are not kind people, its also a form of manipulation as most women have being raised believing they are "not good enough" so that sets them up for wanting to "convince the guy" that they are indeed good enough by giving them sex after they showed that they are only interested in using them, by not paying. It seems to me that some "dating advice" by men to men is mostly targeted at getting sex in an addictive way, instead of in the development of the heart. However the development of the heart will make you happier in the long term, and that means, being kind. The girl may make a mistake and sleep with a guy who shows no kindness, but sooner or later this is bound to cause so much pain in her, that she is bound to wake up and break the system and dont allow that anymore, some other times, the girl is not so lucky and she gets sick or gets cancer out of so much pain. However I believe this is part of human evolution, we, as women, need to understand that it will make us happier to be ALONE FOREVER than to be with a man who is unkind. I have learned to love myself and dedicate to my life and to fill myself with joy and develop my hobbies. Sometimes I wish I had someone to share love and sex with, but Im not available to be used and the most important thing to remember is that an unkind man, such as one that doesnt pay the bill, its not going to be good in bed, because to be good in bed...YOU NEED TO BE KIND, so why bother? Girls just be kind to yourselves and forget those who arent.