Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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o Lord, you dont know??!!! Like I said, I can still really like the man, even love him, but if I have to pay for my half of the dates, my emotions shift. There is an uncomfortable thing where we women cannot relax, because we have to pick up your slack. ITS JUST SO NOT SEXY. I am still in business mode, a 50/50 outing like all others...liking the man, more as a friend. I know may 'boys' will want to get as much sexual activity from a woman for the least effort and expense, but as the above poster mentioned and as Chase seems to go on about, you will get an insecure woman, maybe needy and clingy and without a true sense of herself and borders and it wont last. A REAL man knows this....
by the way, take a look at some bachelors in their 40's 50 plus....its obvious they would DO MUCH BETTER with a woman taking care of him in 'our own special way'