Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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hey all -
as a beautiful woman, I have to say, I like and expect the man to pay for the dates, except in a case where I invite. IF I race to pay my half, this is an indication I am NOT interested in you romantically. I think men do themselves well by paying for dates, ESPECIALLY if he initiated. I know many boys will whine and complain about paying, its not the amount of money spent, its the intention. When a man needs me to pay my half and I like him, well, I can still really like him, however a strange inner shift happens, and the relationship just moves into friend territory, because I am still in business/provider mode, it just does. We women give back ALOT to a deserving man, and a deserving man is one who initiates and takes care of business, on the front end, so the woman can truly surrender to him, take care of him in her special way ... trust me. And it is up to the man, to feel out if a woman is using him for food. I dont do that, I respect men and dont go out with men I am not interested in for a free meal. thats pathetic.