Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I totally agreewith Lisa. If you invite you have got to pay. It is caled maners. It doesent matter if u invite a girl on a date or guy friend, if u invite u HAVE to pay. It is the thumb's rule that everyone knows about, its logical. I just went on a date last night with this guy. When the check came he did not pick it up imediatly which gave me the hint that he was wwaiting for me to make a move. I looked at the bill, pulled my card, placed my card at the bill and moved close to him giving him the hint to pick it up n chip in his share. And he did, he did not offer to pay. I WAS DISCUSTED, I HONESTLY FELT LIKE THROWING UP. IN A WAY I FELT BAD ABOUT HIM. How could anyone be so cheap and put themselves that low? For one, he was the one who invited. For two, it was a first date. And for three, he is the MAN, well in this case i guess he was not such a man. Not only i will never give him the chance for second date but i dont want to keep any type of contact with guy like thaat. Guys, Let me tell you a VERY good advice if u want to pick a good woman to be in relationship with; If u do not pay for the date but yet the girl sleeps with you, then you know what that means, well i hope u do. It means that woman has no respect for herself and will take any man as long as you hang with her. Which means she probably ends up on bed with every man that is willing to hang with her. Do you really want a realtionship with a that women?
See, I totally understand if you are having financial problems, we do not expect every man that we date to have millions but if that is the case then invite her for coffe, or ice cream, or movies. These places are affordable, IT IS NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU SPEND BUT HOW YOU ACT, YOUR MANERS, AND RESPECT. Whatever you do just pick up the check , it will go a long way i promise you!
To make the long story short, if you do not pay for the girl/woman when on date, especially if you were the one who invited, there will be three things happening; 1. You will never see that girl/woman again, or 2. If she does still sticks around or even sleeps with you then you just got yourself a low class woman, or 3. She will treat you as a buddy buddy just when she needs company but no chances of sleeping together, u will be her puppy pretty much. I KNOW THE TRUTH HURTS BUT THE SOONER YOU LEARN IT THE BETTER RESULTS....... RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!!