Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Once upon a time, women didn't make much money. So, they depended on their husbands to support them financially. Relationships weren't about two people mutually enjoying each others company, it was an economic transaction, economic support for the women, sex for the man. And the dating scene reflected that, men went out of their way to show their wealth by paying for dates, "Hey, I have money, date me, marry me, sleep with me." And this totally worked, no matter how boring or terrible a guy was. Obviously, Chase takes issue with this arrangement. Even if you disagree with whether or not having a girl pay for herself is a successful strategy, Chase's advice does come from a good place. He's advocating making dates about providing good company rather than providing an economic incentive. As it should be. Chase seems to have made some of his dates pay for him though....hmmmm....not certain what to think of that.

I think one commenter said something about how since men ask for dates, men should pay. But what she seems to forget is that under this rule, since men almost always are the ones to ask, they would almost always be the one to pay. So it's still not entirely fair, now is it? This rule would still ensure that men almost always paid. Even if a girl makes it a habit to ask out guys, the truth is, the overwhelming majority don't.

And keep in mind, women reject men all the time, it's not like a guy forced her to go on a date with him. Another commenter said something about how going on a date that doesn't cost money would eliminate these issues. I think I agree.