Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Hi Katie I`m Katie too ))) -who was first ? )))
Well I do believe it gets much less complicated if you just go to the park on your first day and problem of paying is gone)))
In the end it is all about being together ,getting to know each other and not stressing out about :``will he pay or I will have to pay ?``....
You pay for your thing ,he pays for his.Why would you like him to pay for your meal ? Because you are willing to go to bed with him and this is a reward?
This is what I would feel but I`m sure you have more experience than I do and it`s a personal choice ,right?I would feel very awkward if he paid as it makes me like ``now I owe him something back`` ....
When both pay for what they like and what they ordered they feel better ! They avoid silly situations ,waiting ,expecting ...all bla bla bla....I think this spoils all the pleasure of being together.
Make it simple - even better.
Go cycling together )))
Ok -for those who read my comments before I will not be posting here any more .There is one more Katie and do not confuse her as me .I will not be posting here anymore.Take care !
Katie 1 (or 2)