Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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I can understand both sides of this argument, but don't people want equality? If so it should be across all aspects of the board.Don't women hold office,are judges,lawyers,surgeons and such? I would want the lady I was casually dating to be there to enjoy my company not what I could pay for her.Saying men should always pay is like saying women should always cook dinner, and I've cooked for/with my girlfriends and dates before.I find it fun and it makes them feel special.I mean either we can split the bill if it's fancy or if casual we each pay for ourselves.These gender roles that people impose upon themselves and each other really pull away from the fact that it's as simple as "I find you attractive and interesting,let's get to know one another".
I guess me being a young man at 19 makes it odd for me to be saying any of this to most people lol :), but why make things more complicated then they already are? Then again we're all different and have opposing perceptions so realistically we can't please everybody.
I hope everyone has a very good day and enjoyable, engaging, dating experience