Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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Quite a few women in this thread have claimed that whether or not a man pays has little or nothing to do with how a date works out, whether or not eh sleep with him and what form the relationship ultimately takes.

If that is true, then women shouldn't mind if men stop paying for them completely.

So I call on men everywhere to stop spending money on women (and their dependents) and just spend your money on yourself.

Try this... take a woman you desire but don't expect to get sex from (because you won't at the end of this night) to a fancy, expensive restaurant... and tell the server right up front that you'll be paying with separate checks... then order a mixed drink, the scallops appetizer, the steak and lobster main course, a glass of wine and a chocolate lava cake and coffee for yourself. Now fold your arms and sit back and watch the fireworks.

Once she has ordered a small salad and water for herself, start a convention about how nice it is to be independent and not having to expect anything from anybody else... don't hesitate to mention the things you've bought for yourself and places you'll be taking yourself with your money.

See how long you'll be able to go on before she gets angry and storms out.

tl:dnr I call BS on women calling BS on this post.