Should You Pay for a Date? | Girls Chase

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In fact it's one I love to bring out in groups because it always creates alot of intense fun conversations. And EVERY SINGLE GIRL in a group has always agreed with the guys should pay mentality. What I think is truly funny is that a lot of times, when the party is over and I've gotten a few of the girls' numbers, I'll take them out, go dutch, and we'll still have sex and continue to keep talking. The point is that even those of you who vehemently disagree can think of exceptions to your rule (even if you won't admit it.) and in your mind you create reasons why it was a special case. When reality proves time and again that not paying doesn't disqualify you from anything. Women want to feel special, and that's fair. But it's a little close minded to believe a guy paying for dinner is the only way for a guy to make you feel like you're important to him and he values you. Not paying for women doesn't equal not caring about or respecting them. Both the women and men on here know that this is true.