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How to Enjoy Yourself While Picking Up Girls

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a good time picking up girlsFor a lot of guys, approaching women’s a chore. Yet if you can make it not a chore, but instead a good time, suddenly it gets easier to do and a lot easier to do WELL.

When a lot of guys start out trying to do pick up girls, they punish themselves.

It's a whole lot of:

  • Being awkward
  • Facing rejection
  • Doing hard things
  • Wallowing in failure

However, if you look at the guys who are good with girls, they're all having fun with it:

  1. Some of them are playful types who enjoy teasing and flirting with women.

  2. Some are physical types who enjoy touching or dancing with women.

  3. Some are talkative types who enjoy having a rapt female audience for their stories, insights, or theories.

  4. Some are tacticians who enjoy the tactical and strategic game of seduction.

A lot of newer and intermediate guys miss this, and never focus on trying to make seduction fun.

But it's an important point to get to with your courtships. Because if you can't make it a good time, sooner or later you'll burn yourself out.

If you can make it a good time though, it becomes easy to game for as long as you like.