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"I am talking about hardcore direct game: those who invite a girl on a date soon after meeting her, display sexual interest right away or keep complimenting her, telling her how you two should party together."

This is not direct game and it isn't hardcore either. It's actually indirect game mixed with a little indirect interest. Direct game means NO dates, no partying together, no useless compliments. It means flirting with a woman on the spot for a short period of time and telling her that you want to take her home, or fuck her right there or whatever that illustrates lust. And it doesn't really give her validation either because you are not telling her how pretty she is, you are just telling her that she turns you on and that you want to fuck her which is not the same. Whenever I told women that I find them sexy they questioned my intentions because they knew I wanted to have sex and yet I still scored because I made it clear that I wanted sex. Imagine an average woman approached you and told you "I want you to fuck me hard", there is a good chance you will get horny even when she is not your type and the same thing can be true for women if you are at least attractive to her. No compliance needed.

"If you have something she wants, she will chase you, and have sex with you for it, whether it is high social value, or if she perceives you are an accomplished lover capable of providing plenty of orgasms.."

What is the point her wanting to sleep with me just because of my social value? I want her to lust for me, not view me as valuable so she can show me off to her friends because of my status or money. If she sees me as an accomplished lover then she will want to sleep with me as soon as possible anyway.