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Excellent article. You are speaking as man who is in an already empowered state of mind. You know your value and your worth, and you practice the path of least effort... But too many men are not yet empowered, and cannot yet think and behave as you do.

All women come with some level of drama, it is the nature of the beast, but it is light years easier to date one who is emotionally healthy, healed, and will love you in the unique way you need to be loved (e.g., in your love language), and will see you and understand you (and your history) as a whole person (vs what the stereotypes that media has to say about men).

Too many men think they are strong, but aren't empowered to the point where they're willing to cut off a woman who may be beautiful (and make other men jealous) but has the behavior of a VORTEX. Until you are willing to delete a vortex from your life (and tolerate being alone and possibly ridiculed by others for years) if necessary, you're not really empowered. You're not really moving in your purpose. I believe human beings have a need to be loved and too many of us subject ourselves to women with ridiculous attitudes and behaviors to have a fleeting glimpse of this thing called love. Some men just don't want to be alone, and it's hard enough convincing a woman to be your girl, so they just get in where they can fit in and deal with whatever drama/chaos that ensues (because hey, it's better than being alone right?).

But I implore men to, before they even go on any first dates, to know their value, their purpose, their reason for being, to heal from past hurts, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt what self-love is. What does it mean to love?? To me, love means having ability to repeatedly act in a manner that displays an active concern for the life, growth, and well-being of the beloved. If a woman is a vortex of chaos, who at times causes pain, or is disrespectful, or acts according to her feelings and not the man's, or plays the victim card and cannot accept responsibility when SHE messes up, then HER BEHAVIOR is showing that she cannot repeatedly have an active concern for her 'beloved' and therefore she cannot love (until she realizes this and unlearns her destructive behaviors, and then transforms... a process that may take years, and may never even happen). So if she cannot love, then why are you dating her???

Men need to stop listening to women's words, and just evaluate their behaviors. I think more men need to understand the meaning of love (from their own perspectives, given their history and needs), and ask: can this woman I'm dating love me in the way I need? That's all you really need to ask yourself, and your intuition will guide you.