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I've always been astonished when you claim to have always had girlfriends with a large number of not so common character,physical and background traits to posess all at once. Your girlfriends have been gorgeous with nice bodies,intelligent with great careers,not attention whores marketing themselves on social media,never party or drink, low partner count,raised by two parents in the same household, no trauma of any kind,never been heartbroken and only experienced sex through relationships and you get them to do one sided monagamy! It blows my mind that you can find women like this who are also in your desired age range. Idk if it's because of my comvination of growing up in nyc,the women i've gotten to know from types of jobs and collegebbut most women i've known don't come close to possessing all of these traits at once. Most women drink or have drunk alchohol on some basis either consistently or inconsistently I don't see how you find one who doesn't at least dabble. Or how you convince her to not ever go out with her friends when she's used to it from other boyfriends or while being single without getting some kind of backlash or friction for such a common activity. Most women these days raise a child alone in their household or divorce it's so incredibly common in the 21st century. Hot and beautiful women will not usually have low partner counts they are going to have their experiences with men before you come into their life. Idk if most or all of your girlfriends are from other regions of the world because your standards for women don't seem feasible in the US. Women feel superior then ever with all this validation and attention they're able to draw online from ig,twitter and of. If there are women with those traits I mentioned who exist in this country it doesn't even seem worth it to find them because the percentage you do meet them while also being attracted to you, being compatible with you and agreeing to a one sided monagomy if that's important to you seems super low. You had a article that says the perfect partner doesn't exist,but your partners seem pretty close to "perfect". Unless there's a lot about these women you haven't disclosed that would make them seem less desireable or not as great as they sound. Are your standards just your standards and not neccesary for all men who desire a quality woman who will be a great partner? Are all qualities subjective and debateable to an extent?