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Wow Chase! It's crazy how similar my thought processes were to yours when I was together with my ex-GF. I always wanted to give her an orgasm and thought that she wouldn't stay with me if I wasn't perfect. I guess in my case there are also remnants of a "nice guy syndrome" which is described in that famous book, where as a child you learn to hide your flaws in order to get validation and attention.

--- mini heartfelt letter below ---

As I find it difficult to contact you directly and don't want to take too much of your time, I want to say a couple of words here: you've helped change the course of my life Chase! I discovered GC back in 2014 and then managed to find dates and bed girls as a foreigner in Europe. Then after graduating I got a job in consultancy (if I recall correctly, you were in this field for some time too, I see a lot of parallels in my life and yours), and last year I finally quit my job to pursue a business with a friend.

Now I've basically put my game development on hold, saving your emails and GC articles for later, until my business has grown to a comfortable size. And soon I'll be moving to the city where Hector is currently based. But the last time I hung out with him I heard he's gonna be moving to another country soon, which I'm sure you know. Which is a bit of a bummer to be honest.

Sometimes I wish I was born to a wealthy oil sheikh so that I could have dedicated my whole life to game and travel and perhaps even met you and Hector to work together with you guys already. But I have to make my FU money myself, though by that point I fear that you will have mostly said the things you wanted to say about game and have semi-retired.

I think it would be really cool if the writers of GC and dedicated forum members could all get together somewhat regularly and have business/life/philosophy/game discussions in a sort of summit. I think it would be amazing to bring all of these people together. After all how many people are there out in the world who have the knowledge, experience and the willingness to discuss psychology and game topics to the degree it's discussed here?

Thank you again for creating this website and making GC a reality, Chase.