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Yes, exactly.

Making her cum either has no effect, or a somewhat protective effect. But it is not as protective as if she isn't cumming from sex.

Kinda weird, right?

I wouldn't worry about if you just naturally last a long time and women can't help cumming. The majority of my sessions are like that and it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

2. Also is this like the sexual awaking thing? Like what if the girl already has came before, but you just make her cum faster and more often? Is she more likely to be loyal than a girl who hasn't came before?

Like is she going to be more loyal where we don't have to worry about anything of you're the best she's had, but she still has came before?

That is the question, isn't it!

If she's already gone through her sexual awakening, and you just amplify her orgasms, she is not going to be as big a risk as the girl who is waking up to her sexuality for the first time, no.

If she's only ever had clitoral, etc. orgasms before though, and you give her vaginal/cervical, often that is going to trigger her sexual awakening (and she'll not have had it before).

Just because she wakes up to her sexuality doesn't mean she'll stray. But it does mean she passes through a period where she becomes a lot more likely to... as she has suddenly woken up to the orgasmic delights of the male sex, and has become curious in a way she was not before about trying out others.