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This is an interesting theory and it kind of makes sense to some degree even without any research or studies. It's like saying why would I look for something (orgasm) that I never had?

But two things are missing (or I missed them while reading the article): age and a woman's past. How do we know whether a woman has ever had an orgasm before? How do we know how many men she has slept with (she will never reveal the truth anyway) and how many times did she get off? If she is like a 20 year old girl and never experienced an orgasm, does that mean she had just a few sexual partners? What about women who are like 40 and claim they never really experienced an orgasm yet still slept with 50 men?

The overall public opinion suggests that women rarely experience orgasms but when we look at datas then the average woman has had more sexual partners than the average man.