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Pardon my question chase,but after reading this article i'm stumped. So your focus when taking women to bed doesn't/shouldn't be to fuck her like superman and give her earth shattering orgasms? Just for her to be physically intimate with you and to get her to pleasure you?Because i'm still a virgin so i'm pretty ignorant about sex and it's effects on women and their feelings towards you. In my mind I thought sex needed to be lights out everytime you sleep with a woman for her to respect you and crave you. This is because I assumed sex was the biggest x factor to keeping a woman devoted and loyal to you and that the less experienced she is sexually the less likely she is to stray from you so long as she's not a virgin who hasn't gone thru a sexual awakening. As a virgin what should my priority be when it comes to sex with women as a noob? Should I just learn to be comfortable with a woman's body and not stress about making her orgasm so I can see her continually? Or should I still strive to give her a great experience without putting overwhelming pressure on myself to perform.
Also when it comes to infidelity can you ever feel 100% secure in a relationship with how you act? Or no matter how you behave,who you select for a relationship,how good you fuck her, she could cheat on you when you least expect it and think you're doing everything right as a man in a relationship? Even for a guy like you who has achieved absolute abundance mentality do you ever wonder if your woman cheats on you or would? I know you're likely not as concerned as other men because you've had a lot of experiences with women that you've desensitized yourself to being letdown or dissapointed by women and if it happens it happens. You've also accepted women's unpredictable and fleeting emotional nature unlike men from red pill and mgtow so nothing women do suprises you at your age.