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"I don't see a lot of guys trying to get laid who are failing who are REALLY trying. Most of them are going on Tinder and doing a bunch of swiping. It's 80% dudes on Tinder.

Almost any guy I see who makes an effort to talk to women in real life, even with basic fundamentals and mediocre game, ends up in bed with some halfway decent women."

I'm sorry Chase this is not what I'm seeing at all. I constantly see guys who are virgins, dateless, or sexless, throughout their early 20s. The guys I see who get girls in their early years usually have alot of things going for them like they have a prestigious job, very good game, and they usually have a great amount of leadership on their belt.

I'm usually not seeing what you are seeing. Now I'm not going to lie to myself and say the most men are aware of the seduction community and go through the same process as we do like constant cold approach. But those men are constantly doing different events trying to meet women in different ways. You just described how little a women's options are in her 30s but are you forgetting all those guys who are trying to get her are those same average guys?

For the longest time I tried to convince myself that men didn't get women because they didn't try. I finally came to realize that is not near the truth. Guys often try really hard. But it's not enough unless you are working the absolute right things. So alot their effort goes up in vain.

When I see those same guys getting a women its usually in their 30s after they heavily lowered their standards and they've obtained alot more resources.

But nah I just don't think that's true. That little effort you may believe might seem very little on your part because I notice alot of men who mastered anything really difficult (in your case women). They seem to see those things as breezes now. So they cant understand the difficulty the newer guys go through. Funny enough even if you were at a worse place in your life when those guys started. I tend to forget sometimes how utterly depressed I was in high school because I couldn't get girls. It was soul destroying.

I think the dynamics are different than what you are describing