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Fantastic life you've lived!

How fitting your first wife's boyfriend let her ride off on the motorcycle with you, and lost her to you as a result. A lot of lessons in there for both the guys deliberating riding off with the other guy's girl, and the guys deliberating letting their girls ride off with a guy.

It's good you spotted the glitches in your long-term game. Sounds like you might've liked to have hung onto one or two of these girls but glitched them out. Good of your son to introduce you to the site; sounds like a good kid and the site's been helpful.

the realization that I’d been offered very few worthy male role models (on television) including Gilligan, the skipper, the professor, and Mr. Thurston Howell III

Yes, worthwhile male role models are sorely lacking from general society.

The arts are often not a good place to go looking for them, too. Most actors aren't leaders, and most script writers don't know how to write them.

I conclude that there is no time, my friend, just one big fucked up Glorious thing


Step outside the universe, where time is a mere property, like space, and peer back in, and you will see something very different looking in than what you see inside, bounded by space and time.

nor can you and I conceive of MEN one or two or three thousand years ago


You can read their biographies, and in some cases read their words.

But you will only ever have a partial understanding of their environments, situations, and upbringings, and were you to meet such a man, he'd likely differ significantly from however you imagined him.

God damn it we are getting somewhere, I do believe!

I hope so!