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Jay Cee-


The 'toxic masculinity' charge I find cartoonish. I'd not take seriously anyone bandying about that term. It comes from a 1980s men's movement that viewed any kind of hardness in men as a form of villainy to be combatted. Then it morphed into something else altogether used by feminists to call men behaving in masculine ways 'toxic' to women's prospects or self-esteem. It is not a serious concept.

but it’s really about taking ownership of one’s lifestyle without needing to conform

Yes, exactly.

Everyone has to conform to some extent.

If you go too far into non-conformity, people will assume you're insane. Or they'll just feel you're totally alien.

The successful man finds the line to walk where he conforms with enough of society to still be accepted as a part of that society, while breaking enough of society's more unhelpful rules to allow himself to achieve success.