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If men are not motivated at anything nowadays the world population will just fall off the charts and the human race will be extinct soon.

There's quite a bit of coasting a society can do on the resources and momentum built up for it by more motivated earlier generations.

A society reaching a point where it slips into decline does not signal terminal decline. Things go up, and thngs go down. Once they slide down far enough again, opportunities open up in abundance once more, and many more men become motivated to grab them.

There will be no new startups revolutionising various industries and we won't be looking to venture further into outer space. But hey, all of this are still happening aren't they?

Like Ben notes, in an age of general decline you can still have remarkable individuals who push things forward.

The ancient Roman world produced Galen, who advanced medicine and understanding of the human body to remarkable degree, serving as the basis for all modern medicine today, and whose research was not matched for almost 1500 years after, despite the fact that Rome was already well into its decline at the time he lived. And there are many such examples.

We're venturing further out into space today largely due to one South African man who relocated to the United States. That man is a lone visionary who expressly said (read his biography if you want) he wanted to inspire the world to get back to the kind of major advances it was making 100 years ago. While he's single-handedly pushed space technology ahead, and continues to, I've not seen any sign yet that anyone else is stepping up to meet his challenge. Jeff Bezos's, Richard Brandon's, UAE's and all the other space companies pale next to him. If you want to live on Mars you need batteries; you need tunneling equipment; and so on. Musk is developing all this himself, because no one else is. As impressive as his achievements are, if this one man simply did not exist, we would not have any of these things. And the man himself was not even produced by American society (albeit he was influenced by it -- or by the idea of trying to recapture the American industrial society from 100 years earlier, in any event).

Quit talking like u have been in this world for centuries Chase.

Don't read history then, thus repeat its mistakes?

I take it that's your advice?