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Well, there's a lot going on there. So:

  • You've got engineering & water biology degrees but can't 'do' anything with them
  • You're hesitant due to a car accident & getting assaulted/injured by a gang of guys
  • You want to go to South America or Africa but can't do anything there
  • You're getting into programming but it's challenging

If I was you, a few things I'd do right off the bat:

  • Set up profiles on a couple big freelancer sites, like UpWork and Guru, for the fields you have degrees in. There may not be a TON of work, but there are always folks looking for all kinds of specialists on these sites, especially specialists it is not easy to find. If you're the only water biology engineer on there (and it's likely you will be) you should be able to pick up projects over time if you're consistent about checking the platform for work and apply to what's relevant. That gets you work in your field, and gives you experience you can talk about in job applications for more full-time positions as well
  • You should be taking a self-defense class. There's no better way to overcome fear of assault than learning how to protect yourself in an assault situation. See if there are Krav Maga or Wing Chun classes in your area; these are two of the best practical real-world defense schools
  • Keep at the challenging program projects. Things that seem challenging now will get easier and easier as you solve the various challenges. An issue that challenges you today will be one you can easily solve tomorrow -- because you've already resolved it once before. Give it time
  • And, once you have built up either a water biology engineering profile on freelancing sites or a programmer profile and can consistently get work over the Internet, you'll be liberated to relocate to wherever in the world you wish. If you want to live elsewhere in the world, building a location-independent income stream should be priority #1. As an alternative, you might look for Finnish-teaching jobs in these places. I doubt there are many, but there likely are some. Here's a Finnish-teaching job ad for Taiwan, for instance.

All these issues are resolvable.

You just need a half-decent plan of action, a little resolve, and some elbow grease, and you'll get there.