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That's fantastic, Brat.

I have a lot of respect for that.

I've met a lot of arrogant guys from office jobs (having spent a fair bit of time in that world) who did not know how to do anything I didn't and whose arrogance was tied chiefly to the strength of the networks they'd built through office politics and political maneuvering.

I have also met a lot of men from the trades who carried themselves with a certain air of "I know things and am capable in ways most men aren't."

I never have respect for the emptily-arrogant "my network is better than yours" office-work guys (now... guys who work in offices who legitimately have unique skills, I do... but those men are generally a slim minority). The women they attract typically seem to be the typical social-climber type girls that angle appeals to, too.

But men from the trades I always respect. If a man can do things I can't, I respect that.

Recently I had a very stuck toilet. Had a plumber come out and he unstopped it in about 15 seconds using his plunger in a way I'd never seen it used before. Now I only plunge the way I watched him plunge, and it works much, much better than the way I'd been plunging stopped toilets for 25+ years.

A little while back I had to wrap some exposed wire around another set of wires to get a light source working. I'd done this a few times but forgot to shut the circuit breaker off that time. Got a pretty good zap as a reminder to be more careful.

Every man ought to be able to do at least some basic stuff with his hands.

If he can, it's a lot easier to appreciate the man who are a lot more skilled than he is in those areas, too.