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These are all good points.

It is definitely harder today to improve one's position in the U.S. than it was decades ago. Still far from impossible, but any increase in difficulty is going to winnow people from the competition. There is still plenty of success to find for motivated men... but it's not as easy to find it and men today also are not as good at looking. The lack of men going into the trades is one example (still plenty of money to be made there, but most men seem unwilling to do it).

Some women have drifted away from nightlife to dating apps. But a lot more men than ever attended nightlife have flooded onto the apps, because apps are so much easier and less nerve-wracking. The lockdown's had an even worse effect on nightlife... and no telling when countries that locked their nightlife down will ever go back to normal. Day game is definitely scary for most men, yes. And a lot of things social circles would do (group dinners; house parties; etc.) are also subject to these lockdown restrictions.

This has a winnowing effect on what men are actively dating too.

The only thing I can say to readers of this site is, "If more men are getting winnowed from competition for money, women, and everything else, now is the time you need to be getting into it." With money, to carve out a space for yourself in a shrinking lot of spaces. With women, to scoop up all the available women out there who are not getting approached (and if more men than ever are tuning out, more women than ever are going un-approached. Infinite pings from men they knew before COVID and deluged inboxes for the minority of women on dating apps not withstanding -- that stuff is not 'real' in the way a man walking up to speak with her is real).

I for one have always loved venues most men feared to go to, and opportunities most men shy away from.

They aren't always gold mines.

But a lot of times, they are.

For so many things in life, the biggest constraints are a.) market size and b.) competition.

If you can find a market that isn't totally shrunk/destroyed, but where the competition has all but left, you can make a killing. Just think of a small venue where beautiful, available women go, in small but consistent numbers, yet men never approach. You can get a lot more out of a place like this than a venue flooded with beautiful women where the women are constantly fending off approaches by horny men.

Times like these can be exciting, if you know how to take advantage of them.