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Keep this in mind: women will tell you they have high standards.

If you ask, they will spiel off a huge long list of everything they are looking for in a man.

Women do this today. They did it 50 years ago. They did it 100 years ago. They did it 2,000 years ago. I have little doubt they did it 25,000 years ago.

Women do all these little things to make it seem like they are so valuable and so hard to get.

All it takes is a little persistence to get past that though and actually get somewhere with them.

You can watch any old movie and you will notice women actually made it harder for men then (in terms of how high they claimed their standards to be, what they insisted of men before they'd do anything, etc.). But the men were also much more persistent in overcoming those supposed "high standards."

I don't see a lot of guys trying to get laid who are failing who are REALLY trying. Most of them are going on Tinder and doing a bunch of swiping. It's 80% dudes on Tinder.

Almost any guy I see who makes an effort to talk to women in real life, even with basic fundamentals and mediocre game, ends up in bed with some halfway decent women.

There is a much deeper issue here than "women's standards are too high" -- because from what I can see, compared to what they used to be, they're in fact a lot lower.


UPDATE: article expanding on this subject here: "Are Modern Women's Dating Standards TOO High?"