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Simplest explanation is different authors recommend different things ;)

I really think dating apps are okay if you can use them in moderation.

The problem is a lot of guys get totally sucked into them and use them as crutches/excuses to not meet women in person.

This article takes aim at removing the foundations of lethargy that are plaguing a lot of men.

If you're already an active cold approacher and you can use apps to give yourself a few easy wins without getting sucked in or sapping your energy, I think they're useful.

Otherwise though, you'd do better to not have them there is a distraction... and instead push yourself to approach.

Alek and I are in agreement on apps being ineffecient wastes of time for 99% of men. Good-looking men with great photos obviously can use them to get hookups, albeit with subpar girls compared to what they'd get with a modicum of real-life game.

Varoon's dipped into the sugar dating app world, where there's an oversupply of women, and is working an angle where he tries to get girls who are part-time prostitutes to have sex for free. It's an interesting angle, and you can do it, but it is also fairly niche, and not something I'd advise the average guy to mess around with too much.