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do you really think there is nothing to win? Perhaps you won't find a new island, leave alone a new country but you can build a house or start a family. These goals you mentioned presuppose the passion, the persistance and patience to reach them. In former times men who went out to find new countries or island always knew that it could be their last journey and for a lot of them it was (Magellan, Cook etc).
Read the comment of Scott above. It is fantastic. He took a decision and went for it. I dont think that he ever discussed with a women explained or worse excused for his goal. He did it and the suitable girl came into his live. And that's my experience as well. But it hasnt always to be a live changing decision.
I am a passionate archer and I once had a talk with a really attractive woman, intelligent and eloquent. When she asked me what my hobbies are
I said: Archery
and she: How boring.
I smiled at her and said: Aha.....
Then I asked her two questions about her job and then I asked her: Where did you practice archery?
And she: Oh no I never did that.
Me with a smile: And where do you know that archery is boring?
I let this sink for 2 or 3 seconds and asked her what her hobbies were, why she did it etc... and I didn't mention Archery any more until the point where she -about half an hour later- suddenly said:
Can you show me how to shoot a bow? Upps......
Well, it isnt important whether she wanted really learn Archery or to see me again (yes we did....) the thing here is
that I didnt explain, excused, defended or whatever because it simply wasn't important what she thought.
And again go your way not because of frustration that women aren't the way you want to have them but because it is your passion and if a woman wants to take part in your life welcome her and if not let her go. Its simple as that and called outcome independence.