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100% agreeing with you chase and I love the comparison with how systems have worked historically and still do in general.

Nevertheless, one thing still bothers me.

Since 2-3 years, I literally practice every single point on your unplug list. And I still often feel like I'm not really unplugging and being imprisoned in a system. Why is that?

Of course you can unplug from your social circle, from your government and from your job. But can you unplug from the constructs that steer peoples' behavior worldwide? Can you unplug from tho global economic system that enforces you nearly everywhere to have a perfect cv? Can you unplug from the religion of the god of money that is dominating the beliefs of humans worldwide? Can you unplug from the affiliation to a specific nation without getting suffocated with bureaucracy, restrictions and duties?

Maybe there still exist places like this but they're inevitably going extinct. You can't really unplug from systems that dominate peoples' heads all over the world, except you'd settle on the moon.