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Chase, thx for taking the time to document your personal evolution because it repeatedly skirts the edges of SPECIAL, and I’ll knee anyone in the balls who disagrees. Back in my day, facing the horrifying, impending decade of the 1980s, I decided to hide it out in Alaska. I bought an old motorcycle and drove North in early April, me being a dumbass, not knowing it was still winter. I shoved a Sunday Seattle Times up my coat for wind insulation and made it to Anchorage, possessing this very thing you discuss: Discomfort. Shortly thereafter, I met a 17 year old hippie girl who introduced me to LSD, which we took in the mountains without her boyfriend because he wouldn’t fit on the motorcycle (poor lad). Thus a great momentum was born, and out of this, this girl and I eventually married, doomed to failure, of course, but worth 17 good years. My next Love in life was squatting in an old abandoned farmhouse in Tennessee where the floors were rotted into dirt, daughter of a philosophy professor, and she was fucking hot as hell. Next chick, five years later, likewise pure magic, but I began to notice serious glitches in my long term game. It was my son who introduced me to your work, such as your beautiful pontifications and various shocking insights, including the realization that I’d been offered very few worthy male role models (on television) including Gilligan, the skipper, the professor, and Mr. Thurston Howell III. Now the chicks my age today are generally ill and suffering from low level depression and I have recently done mushrooms with a 23 year old vegetarian hottie and again with a 35 year old progressive, while the relational complexities are daunting. I am preferring to be alone, than to compromise on anything, while channeling my mojo energies into other rewarding pursuits including recent studies into the Silva Mind Control Method to STOP and heal (reprogram) a few past societal programmings and to envision a better future. I conclude that there is no time, my friend, just one big fucked up Glorious thing, nor can you and I conceive of MEN one or two or three thousand years ago. Thx for being a valuable part of living and breathing it, today’s things, cockroaches, etc., sharing this wonderful planet we call home. God damn it we are getting somewhere, I do believe!