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Hi Man,

That article came in time it is something tha tbothered me for ages...

I have 2 certificates from Finland (Envionrmental ENgineering and Master in Biology(Water specificially lakes, rivers etc...) I got my masters quite young at age 28, I dedicated so much time into certificates just to realize later in life that emplyers tend to reject me, directy or indirectly.

I want to be my own boss but the only skills I got are almost useless and I have very little experince, I hate being this nice guy who is living in his comfort zone but I have many traumas including a car accident. The car accident and been beaten by Nazi Skkin heads made me scared of fighting as I dont want my head to be banged too much(TBIs) and shit....I have no idea how to be the bad boy.

I saved some money, very little and I always ask myself should I leave Finland and go to South America or Africa but I can t do anything there, I only know ENvironmental Engineering, I dont have a trade and I am tired of studying, if I learn trafe in FInland that means I have to stay many years here....I want and wish to get out for a whilte atleast and learn something that I can do but I cant....I have no idea what to do it really sucks.

I am learning some programming but it is slow, and even though the basics are clear doing projects are very challenging, I wish I can master this skill....I love ENgineering and I wish I new it when I was 23 or 25, so I can take more courses etc....

I tired of being ghosted by women, tired of walking beside the wall, tired of not being able to break laws, tired of being a weak man.