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This is an incredible article, Chase. Your writing continues to be so thought-provoking after all these years. Here are my 2 cents on the answer to the titular question. I am an apathetic and unmotivated guy myself.
-Men are eschewing work because, people feel like, whether they work or not, they are still going to be ****ing poor. Statistically, I seem to be in the top 0-10 percentile of earners in the country and yet I'm still poor in the grand scheme of things. So given the comforts described in your article, why guys are dropping out.
-Getting laid is more difficult than ever and guys are just giving up. Where I live, night game is not a thing anymore (even before covid), and dating apps are just as you described. The only viable thing is street approach but that is not thought of very highly and is very time consuming. Guys here go years of daygaming here with less than a handful of dates to show for it. So guys give up there too.
-In parallel with the above two, men give up on having a family or any kind of "mission" and become generally dispassionate.