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Awesome work as usual but I do think your perspective would become more nuanced if you read some high-quality leftist social analysts like Michael Parenti and Michael Hudson. The BLM protests have definitely been redirected and co-opted by the establishment, but the grassroots energy is real and the cause is valid: from redlining to racially motivated war on drugs (as admitted by Nixon’s campaign manager), black people are still screwed over by our political-economic system long after the Civil Rights movement (and have suffered disproportionately from the pandemic). Beyond racial issues, Full time minimum wage workers can’t afford rent in any US state according to a recent study by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, while the corrupt covid bailout has funneled hundreds of billions to the top as millions of Americans become unemployed, so I think mass social unrest was inevitable. But while I think many of our issues are rooted in our economic system, I think you bring a very valid issue forward and as always appreciate your work