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To add to my last comment, I had not finished editing. I thought the save button meant save, not post, lol.

But a bit more information:
approach anxiety, I can "walk away" if I choose to.
approach anxiety, my mood goes back to normal if I do walk away, or if I approach.
approach anxiety, does not make me nauseous or sick etc.
approach anxiety, does not have 'too much energy in the head' or feel stuff on teeth or hypersensitive or feel nauseous, etc

contrast the above with this anticalm
I'm not in control, I can't "stop feeling sick" like this. Once the sickness goes away, eg finish vomiting, then I'm back to normal. So unlike AA, I can't walk away from this.
This energy when feeling nauseous, it doesn't feel like normal butterflies, it doesn't feel like "fight or flight", it feels different.

Here is the link to possibility of EBV editing genecodes,, its unsecure. There may be a better more recent link thats been more validate,d I'd need to find it. I don't think I have chronic fatigue, just using that as an example that I haven't been the same since getting EBV.

I wondered if you've heard of anything like this before, and if you know anyone who has taken prozac or something like that?

Because the examples of this too much energy, are all from biological causes.
eg its normal to throw up after operation,
its normal to throw up during glandular fever
its normal to throw up during strepthroat
its normal to throw up during food poisoning
its normal to feel very sick if take too much antibiotics without food
I'm not convinced this "stress", when it has biologica causes, its just very difficult to describe this energy.