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1) What if you discover she's on pills or attending therapy late into a relationship? Say, six or twelve months into the relationship. I know most people suffer from *that bias where you have invested so much in something, and now that you're unsure about it, you don't feel like losing it anyway because of the investments you made*. Would you break up with her? If so, how would you go on about that? (Assuming you never noticed anything, and she's been keeping it a secret because it's her deal and not yours - although I'm aware that most people like this are not sane).

2) You only mention birth control pills, but I suspect you mean any measure of birth control that involves female sex hormones since they all have those "adverse" effects on what she values and gets attracted too. In any case, how do you go on about protection the first time you sleep with her vs sleeping with her after few months of being in a relationship? (If you don't want to tell what you specifically do, then any recommendation would be fine too).