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Nice article, Chase. I have anxiety/OCD issues myself but I never liked the idea of drugging myself to fix it. It always felt dangerous, altering my brain with chemicals. I've finally seriously reduced my anxiety by doing daily Trauma Releasing Exercises. No drugs involved. It wasn't fun, but man did it work.

This reliance on drugs reminds me of how doctors used to think lobotomies were great for patients. Now we cringe looking back. Truly horrible stories of lobotomies. Will we do the same decades later with all these brain-altering drugs?

There's been advancements in knowledge and technology. But I think we're still stabbing in the dark to some extent.

And I wonder about the effects of these drugs on offspring as well.

I think as civilization advanced, we got too dangerous for our own good. So for all these primal issues and struggles, we've developed tech to mitigate (drugs, porn, super tasty and high-calorie food, tv). The problem is we don't have circuit breakers to stop us. Because we never needed one before all this tech.

Curious how this will all pan out. Maybe we'll create self-sufficient AI and pass the baton to them, lol.