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While I respect your opinion on pills I disagree with your belief that prescription of meds is purely for prescribed for profit and that mental disorders can be treated thru other means. Being someone who used to have severe depression I would never have beaten it and improved my mental health without zoloft and I probably wouldn't have been able to get through college because of how miserable I constantly was. It was the worst time of my life. I almost jumped off my building because I hated life so much and didn't want to live. I knew no whatever self affirmations I told myself or positive memories I recalled was a bullshit tactic and I knew my problem was neurological before I even was formally diagnosed. Mental disorders are a chemical imbalance in the brain and for some people the right amount can help. For depression serotonin and dopamine levels are low which is why a person's mood is so poor and they're feeling unhappy and hopeless. Meds don't always work and sometimes it can make a person's condition worse which is sad,but I don't think that happens most of the time. I used to work with this dude in a kitchen and he was the most quiet guy there was and he always looked anxious and barely socialized with others so I talked to him and really got to know him deeply and I realized this guy was really anxious and insecure deep down. I got to know him,heard his life story and encouraged him to not let anxiety control his life and to improve on himself and he ended up seeing a therapist for the first time and got on anti anxiety meds and the next time I saw him I noticed a big difference. While he didn't immediately become a social butterfly he definetly opened up more to other people and was more confident. He even asked a girl out lol. So while I know the main premise of this article was better to not date women who are on pills I just wanted to share a story that meds can make a drastic positive differences in people's lives sometimes.