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I agree with this article.
I describe myself as a successful (career and girls) good looking, self improvement type of guy.
I am currently in a relationship with a girl on pills (anxiety)
The trade off being she is Very attractive, good career, And otherwise things are good, but the anxiety and pills drive me nuts. She can’t cope with anything without pills. The slightest inconvenience happens and she’s turning to anti anxiety medications. She is also irrational in thinking, always has reasons she can’t make things better in her life to reduce anxiety causing stimuli, and gets upset with me when I try to push the issue when it goes against what she thinks. When I disagree with her on a topic she takes it personally like it’s an attack on her and she gives me the silent treatment. Everything with this girl seems like she thinks everyone is out to get her.

Honestly, I’m in love with her, we live together, and I’m willing to put in some time to try and achieve some change. But she talks a lot about change with no actionable steps or follow through.

In my field of work, I come into contact with a lot of troubled women. They almost all claim to have anxiety and depression. It’s a red flag.