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Hey chase, thanks for this article, I ocassionally get girls asking me "Do you do this often?" when I go for street game.

"You are not going to 'start slow' with a girl you've stopped on the street."

So what are the things we can do for street game?
- Non-social butterflying
Can't work, since there's no socialising on the streets in the first place

- Tiny starting awareness radius
Hard to imagine this working out since we have to pay attention to see which girls to approach... or is this possible in street game i.e. seeing her through peripheral, but pretending to see her only at last moment? But its still hard to pull off in a fast pace walking area...

- Deep dive
not going to work in street stops, unless its just light deep diving? Normally I'll just have 1-2 mins, 4 mins max in street game.

- Quiet teases/self-deprecation
I'm not too sure how this works in the first place, since teasing isn't that big a part of my game.

- Everything relates back to her or the conversation with her
This is the only thing which I can see working. But then again, this is what we should be doing to her in the first place, yeah?

Are there any more tactics we can do for street game, or did I miss some nuances here and there? Or are there any mindsets we can cultivate as well for better results in street game?