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Alek, this is a great article because it resonates so much with thoughts of my own on this topic.

While I clearly stick with my lover vibe and role, as instructed by GC, and while I have enjoyed inumerable times its benefits with very hot women, I can't help but ask you the following:

After amazing sex with women (according to their accounts) and even after being the first man in their life to have ever given them orgasms in the first place (again according to them), why do they move on and get a boyfriend instead of sticking around for more amazing sex?

Even you, in this article, you mention about your girl that she went on to have a boyfriend.
And sure, they come back to me for more after months have passed, but still....the boyfriend ends up spending more time with her.

Yes, he ends up getting the same product at a much higher price (he pays for her, he gets monogamous with her etc), but still he is the one who stays longer in her life. He is the one who has her on his arm, showing her around etc. Meanwhile, us, lovers, we are sort of "discarded" after dirty, secret, amazing sex. Is this not a bit ironic?

So, my ultimate question is twofold:

1) Why amazing sex isn't enough in several cases to keep women around? and
2) Is the lover, as I believe, still at the top of the sexual pyramid, even if many women will move on past him and get boyfriends?