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Hey Chase, very well thought out article. I do quite enjoy your work, mainly because I know that your down take the time to track down studies to support your points. However, in this case, your link has either been re-routed, or there been a misunderstand. In your paragraph explaining how mens’ main function to society is to work, produce a product (money), then give it to women (as taxes), your link to support your point of women be less productive, actually takes you to a study (with a very small sample size) that proofs opposite, that females are actually more productive because they work more arduously: unless your point is that women below the study’s nominated “Step V” are generally less productive, relying on information the study has omitted. Would love to see a study that proofs women are less/just as/more productive than men, (that study’s sample size leave a large gap for error), so if you had originally linked to something else, would love to check that out.

Oh, and not particularly attached to this comment being posted with the article, just wanted to give you a heads up.

Keep up the good work.