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This is a question that I'm asked by about 100% of aspiring pickup dudes. How to consistently get the hottest girls. I'll tell you this truth, no cold approach pickup artist is doing this. Most are going through strings of attractive girls, and sometimes getting that super model hot girl.

If you really want access to those girls, it's all about lifestyle. The guys I know who run in those sorts of circles are dj's, fashion photographers, club promoters, fraternity leaders, sports stars, rock stars, and actors.

There's no magic pill. Cold approaching, going to bars, malls, and just walking up to women you've never met before, this is probably the hardest way to get a date. But we play the numbers game so that evens it out. Skill plays a large part, but really, focus on your environment for the best results.

Where do these girls go for fun? I found a lot of success in places like Thailand, Mexico, and beach resorts where beautiful women go for fun. I heard Las Vegas is like this as well. I also travelled in Poland and the Ukraine, where the average girl is stunning and there's a lot of them.

My advice, forget about consistency from any sort of "game" tactic. Think about lifestyle strategy instead.